Sunday, October 12, 2008

Poems Featuring The Temptress

"The Temptress"
by Elizabeth
She struts around in little shirts and tight, leg-hugging pants,An open invitation for those who want to take the chance.She attracts men with her figure and entraps then with her eyes.Her victims fall for her and she begins to tell her lies.
It all began one fateful day, the first he met this girl.She looked at him with widened eyes and set his heart awhirl.She'd take his hand and hold it, say she'd never let it go He held on to her every word, because he loved her so.She'd kiss him and caress him, and tremble at his touch While murmuring she loved him so very, very much.And when she was alone, she'd laugh - things were going well!She had captured this guy's heart and placed him underneath her spell.
All this went on until the day when he called out her Name and looked into her hardened eyes to see they weren't the same.He went home that day with a very broken heart Once again the temptress had acted out her part.
And to this very day, she walks around in little shirts Seducing the unknowing men, not caring who she hurts.But ask any of her victims, for they truly know it well -They'll let you know she'll make your life into a living hell.
-(c) 1999 Elizabeth

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